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BloodStream Journeys

Dec 14, 2020

Our theme this month is “The Life I Choose.”  So often, with a chronic condition, it can feel like nothing is within our control.  That can be challenging physically, mentally, emotionally. Our stories this month dive into those challenges, as well as the empowerment that comes by taking charge of the things we can...

Nov 10, 2020

Nicole Angeles might be a name some of you recognize.  She’s been a contributor here before, and has been very open with her vWD Journey, particularly as it related to becoming a mother.  This month we take a deep dive into Nicole’s story, hearing from her at three extremely pivotal points along the way. It’s One...

Oct 12, 2020

This month’s episode features the stories of community members who have been through the ringer with health and personal challenges, but somehow through it all they were able to listen to that little voice inside that told them to Get Back Up.


Program Notes:

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Sep 14, 2020

On July 31st, something happened in the hemophilia community that had never happened before.  A group of teens came together to perform a musical about hemophilia on - where does everything in our life happen these days? You guessed it. ZOOM!  This month’s episode features the first-hand experiences of three of those...

Jul 13, 2020

Early adolescence is such a vulnerable and formative time, and the things we go through often shape the way we approach the rest of our life - for better or worse.  This month’s episode features 3 stories that are quite varied, but share one strong common thread: a life-changing experience at the age of 12.